At the crux of all development projects – whether a simple renovation or a large-scale property development - is the need for council and government approval.

Wilson Planning prepares comprehensive and accurate documentation, including:

These reports address all relevant aspects of the development and applicable planning legislation as it might impact upon your project.

We also prepare professional and comprehensive planning advice and responses to requests for information from councils.

To advance your application we will happily prepare for, attend and/or present to public meetings, mediation and committee/panel meetings on your behalf.

We will also meet with council staff to discuss issues arising from assessment of your development application, providing you with responses to issues raised in public submissions.

If you want us to get your development application approved by Council then call us on (02) 4044 4375 or fill in the form and we will be in touch.

Excellent service and communication... our DA sailed through

“ We received excellent service; both in terms of the work product and the communication and timeliness of the service. The whole process went smoothly and we thought the fees were reasonable and we were charged exactly what we’d been quoted.

I suppose communication was the thing that stood out most. I’m in professional services myself, and we find that that’s the thing that distinguishes businesses. And we certainly were very pleased with the communication between Wesley and ourselves, and our architect.

Wesley used his knowledge of Gosford Council and the town planners there to address any potential issues in a way that would satisfy them straight up. It sailed through and there were no nasty conditions imposed on the development consent.

David Creais . St Huberts Island