Before you even get to Council there are many things that might need to happen.

Preliminary Planning Advice

The NSW planning system is complex. Planning controls, building codes, development regulations and government law have a huge impact upon your property development.

On top of that, most sites have natural constraints that are overlooked and become major impediments to a successful development outcome.

We are experts in developing preliminary planning reports on the development potential of your site. We know the inter-related parts of the planning system and legislation and can liaise with council and other government agencies to identify any hurdles or constraints.

More importantly we show you the best approvals pathway for your development, cutting through red tape, saving time and unnecessary costs. This helps ensure the success of your development project.

Planning Agreements

Planning Agreements can be a very useful mechanism to co-opt regulators, government agencies and developers into an agreement about how your development is to proceed. It can be particularly useful in reducing development contribution liabilities and delivering infrastructure and facilities that will benefit your development.

Wilson Planning has extensive experience with planning agreements across all types and scale of projects. By negotiating all the legalities in advance, we pave the way for a much smoother development project for you.

There’s no-one else in Australia who’s managed to do what we’ve done

“ At the Tiny Homes Foundation we are trying to establish sustainable low cost housing for homeless people. Once we had Council's endorsement of our concept they generously agreed to lease us the site in Gosford. We then had to navigate planning legislation to establish which was the best way forward and , the best characterisation to fit what we were doing.

There’s no-one else in Australia who’s managed to do what we’ve done. Thanks to Wes.

He’s been delightful to work with. He was all ready to answer any enquiries and questions we had so we understood what was involved. I would like to work with him again because it would be easy.

Kellie Parkin . Project Manager . Tiny Homes Foundation