At the heart of Wilson Planning are 3 simple ideas:

For you that means we treat your development project as our own and if there are challenges, we will solve them. Because it is fun and because we want your project to go ahead. And it will.

My earliest childhood memories are dominated by buildings – opening the RSL art union mail packs and looking at the housing plans of the prize homes on the Gold Coast; hours buried in books on classic American architecture from my aunt; and Saturday mornings spent drawing buildings in spite of my father’s exhortations to get me out onto the sports field.

That was then crystallised by my Uncle Neil. A town planner and architect in the Department of Planning State Planning Authority, we used to visit his house in Manly. It was the quintessential architect’s house: quaint, sustainable and had stunning views out towards the ocean. He also had his own studio. He recommended I did town planning and that was that.

The other two ideas above are also purely personality quirks; but I do love complex problems and finding an answer, as well as helping people achieve what they want to do.


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Our Values

These things matter to us in how we work:

The attitude test - for both of us - respectful, open, honest - treat others as you want to be treated.

Straight-up - If I don’t believe we can make it happen, I won’t bother - I won’t waste your time and money.

Integrity - We do what we say we will do – give open and honest advice - and we use time wisely.

Excellence - we take great pride in our work. We understand the importance of crossing all the bridges and dotting the ‘i’s and crossing all the ‘t’s on all the required documents. It’s what councils want to approve your project. Which is what we want.

Go the extra mile - we care. Plain and simple.


Wes Wilson, Founder & Director

Wes Wilson

16 years working in councils (Gosford-Wyong, Lake Macquarie and Newcastle) with the 5 years at Newcastle as Coordinator of the Development Assessment Team at Newcastle City Council. Wes managed 18 full time staff that assessed 200+ DAs per year and had projects valued at a total of $1.5B during 2014. In 2015 he left to set up Wilson Planning.

Favourite Netflix show: “Suits - because it’s witty, clever and I love the characters. And the top end of New York certainly looks glamorous.”

Favourite plant: “Iceberg roses - I just love their smell and the masses of big generous blooms smiling back at me.”

Secret wish (If I had no other cares in the world): “A helicopter flight to a deserted island and devour a John Grisham novel on the beach accompanied by a cup of English breakfast tea and Cadbury Marvellous Chocolate."


Mariana Bogdanovski, Town Planner

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Mariana Bogdanovski is a Town Planner with extensive international experience working in London and Dubai within the Construction Industry in both private and government sectors. Mariana is currently completing her planning degree and has over 5 year’s experience in writing planning documentation and coordinating DA and CC lodgements. 

Favourite book: "The Alchemist - deep, meaningful, inspired."

Secret wish (if I had no other cares in the world): “Sipping Mojitos in my Spanish Villa overlooking the Mediterranean.”


Paras Zafari, Graduate Town Planner




Scooby Doo Wilson, Security Detail and Treat King

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Scooby has very little knowledge of town planning (although if he could talk...). He is an exceptionally bad security guard but is the best office companion and mascot for Wilson Planning.

Favourite Netflix movie: "Hotel for Dogs"

Secret wish (if I had no other cares in the world): “Anything to do with bones, pig's ears or balls.”

He took ownership and made it happen

“ We needed DA approval to increase the number of people working from our home office. It was a bit tricky. Port Stephens Council can be quite sensitive about what they do and do not allow. That’s where Wes excelled.

When we really needed his town planning expertise, his knowledge around the guidelines… he really had done his homework. So at the moment we needed him to come forward and talk with Council town planners, Wes knew exactly what to say, and had the arsenal to deconstruct their argument; that was crucial to our success.

The other thing about Wes was that he took ownership of the project. He did everything he could to follow up with Council and expedite the process. We were really trying to get it done quickly; we had employment and all sorts of things riding upon it. Wes just got on to it and made it happen.

Scott Ward . Owner . Nelson Bay Physiotherapy